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3.  November and December Service Projects

Sairam Everyone
Happy Thanksgiving!!
We have couple of service activities listed below

1) We will be having Soup Kitchen service this Saturday 11/25. Requesting sign-ups for food items and helping in serving at the church.

Sign-up link below

2) Blankets distribution in uptown Charlotte if possible this weekend.
Mr. Rev white, who collects sandwiches from our center every Sunday, requested about 50 blankets for distribution in uptown Charlotte. Last week he happened to pass by uptown bus stand area around 5am and saw many people outside in cold weather without proper clothing. He was checking if we could help

Nice quality blanket or comforter costs around 10-15$ in bulk. If each family can sign-up for at least 1 or 2 blankets, I think we should be good in meeting the target. One of us can coordinate and place one single online order or since this being a holiday week, we may be able to find good deals in shops as well.

Also if you have any sparingly used/ almost new kind of thick blankets or comforters we could distribute those as well.
Below is the sign-up link. Since we are going through cold weather, it would be good if we can distribute these quickly

4.  Back to School Supplies Drive – 2017

This seva activity is back to school drive for 34 underprivileged children. We are working with Mr. White to get the items ready and surprise the kids before the start of their school year.

Total # of Sets Required: 34 sets
Items / Set:
School Bags
+Large Erasers
+Glue Sticks
+Pencil Box

Each bags with the supplies costs about $20 .We are looking for volunteers to help us with 1 or 2 bags ( will get the kids involved in the assembly separately).

This is a great opportunity to pool together our resources as one SAI family and reach out to our community to help these kids .

5.  July and August 2017 Service Projects

Sairam Everyone,
Please see upcoming Service Activities listed below:

1. Sat July 15th Second Harvest Food Bank

Volunteers are needed for sorting non-food items donated by Walmart.

Note: We will be participating in this service activity once every month on a Saturday until Dec 2017, except November
Link to sign-up sheet:

2. Sat July 22nd Dilworth Soup Kitchen

Volunteers are needed for food sign-up and for helping at the church.

Link to sign-up sheet:

Note: Non perishable items in the list can be handed over in the center tomorrow or on next Sunday. You can also request to get the items picked up from your home by emailing, In case you are unable hand them over in person.

6.  Seva Opportunities Jan / Feb 2017
Sairam All,
Hope you are all doing well by Swami’s grace!
Below are few upcoming Seva opportunities, requesting you to sign-up as appropriate
1) Dilworth Soup Kitchen – Next Sat., Jan 28th 
Volunteers are needed for preparing dishes and / or serving lunch at the venue. 
2) Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina- Sat., Feb 4th (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM)
The mission of Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina is to feed hungry people by soliciting and distributing food and household items
10 – 15 Volunteers are needed for sorting food and household items donated by stores such as Walmart e.t.c. 
3) Weekly Sandwich preparation
25 Sandwich packs are prepared on a weekly basis and provided to Rev. White for distribution in Charlotte uptown.
As always, thank you for your helpful, generous and loving service!