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1.  Rama Everywhere! – Word Search Puzzle
In these puzzles, we shall learn about the beloved Crown Prince of Ayodhya, the great Archer Lord Rama!



Puzzle #1: This puzzle will be focused on the various Rama bhajans that we sing

  • To play the puzzle, click on the starting letter and click on the next immediate letter in any direction including diagonally.
    Once you spell the word correctly, the word will be marked as done.
  • Clicking on a letter twice will cancel the selection.
Find These Hidden Words
10RAGHU,DASHARATHA,RAGHAVA,MOHANA,KARIRAJA,CHARAN,KAUSALYA,KIRANARamam Bhajo ___ Ramam Bhajo, ___ Nandana Rama Daya..., Raghupathey ___ Raja Rama, ___ Raghu Rama Ati..., Karunantha Ranga ___ ..., Kausalyatmaja Rama ___, Jaya ___ Nandana Ram..., Chanda ___ Kula Mandana Ram,Y

Puzzle #2: Let’s identify some important characters from the Ramayana

[super_crossword pid=’pid_2938_2′ validateanswer=’clue’ numCols=’12’ numRows=’14’ showsolution=’Y’ buildmode=’n’ ]


Rama was extremely skilled in this art.
Rama was born in the dynasty of this star.
This Mother was instrumental in Rama’s period of exile in the forest.
Name the ancestor of Rama who brought down the Ganges from Heaven to earth.
In which Holy Sage’s hermitage did Sita and her sons stay in after being banished from the kingdom by Rama?
What is the name of the selfless monkey who worshiped Rama?

This boatman carried Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana across the Ganga in his boat.
Rama was born in this Yuga (aeon)
Name the ruler of Lanka.
What is the name of the King of Monkeys who assisted in the search to find Sita?
Name Rama’s devoted brother who accompanied Rama and Sita during the period of exile.
The blessed city which Rama ruled over
Son of Rama


Puzzle created by a Group II SSE Student
2.  Krishna Everywhere! – Puzzles
Sairam! In these puzzles, we shall learn about the charming Son of Mother Yashoda, the butter stealing Lord Krishna!


Puzzle #1: This puzzle will be focused on the various Krishna bhajans that we sing

Find These Hidden Words
10MURARI,MOHANA,KALYANA,MADHAVA,PRABHU,GOVINDA,MADHUSUDHANA,KRISHNA,RADHAKrishna ___ Krishna Murari, Mana ___ Nandalal, ___ Krishna Kamaniya Krishna, Krishna ___ Madhava Krishna, Jai Jai ___ Giridhari..., ___ Krishna Jai Gopala Krishna Jai..., Hey Madhava Hey ____, Hare ___ Hare Ram..., Gopala ___ LolaY

Puzzle #2:Krishna Crossword

[super_crossword pid=’pid_2422_2′ validateanswer=’clue’ numCols=’15’ numRows=’11’ showsolution=’Y’ buildmode=’n’ ]


The blessed mountain that was lifted by Krishna with a single finger
To whom Krishna was born
What was Krishna’s favorite snack, which he stole from the villagers?
Name the Holy river which parted to let the Baby Krishna through
Jara mistook this for a deer, and took aim ____ Krishna’s ____ (11A) foot and shot the fatal arrow
See 10A
Which noble woman did Krishna save from the Kauravas?
The consort of Krishna

In Sanskrit, Krishna is the protector of these
Krishna was born in this Yuga (aeon)
Which instrument did Krishna play so melodiously?
Krishna vanquished the ego of this ten hooded snake
Rohini’s son considered to be a reincarnation of Adi Sesha
Name the Gopika whose devotion to Krishna is praised to this day
Krishna wore the feather of this beautiful bird in his hair


Puzzle created by a Group II SSE student
3.  Guru Purnima Special

The grand festival of Guru Purnima, the day the mind presided over by the moon which is shining in its full glory is humbly offered at The Lotus Feet of The Guru, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who is also our friend, our companion and our Lord.

Puzzle #1

Find These Hidden Words

The Enlightened One who gave His first sermon on this day
Of the 3 promises made to His mother, Swami fulfilled the first promise on Guru Purnima 1971 in Anantapur by inaugurating a _______
Swami fulfilled His second promise on Guru Purnima 1995 by launching free supply of _____
On Guru Purnima 1999 Swami announced the launch of a second ________
A Guru is one who removes ________
Guru Purnima is celebrated when the moon is __________
Guru Purnima is celebrated in honor of the Sage _______


Puzzle #2
[super-scrambler sentence=”Follow The Master, Face The Devil, Fight To The End, Finish The Game” puzzle_id =”p2_1987″ scramble_positions=0 reference=”Summer Roses on the Blue Mountains, 1976″ link=”” showsolution=”Y”/]

Puzzle #3
[super_crossword pid=’p1_2098′ validateanswer=’clue’ numCols=’13’ showsolution=’Y’]


Guru Purnima is celebrated to honor this sage
Swami says that a true guru is one who has grasped the ______ aspect of God
A Vihita Guru is one who can show the path to _______
After curing Himself from the paralysis on Guru Purnima 1961, Swami declared He was the form of _______ and ________
The essence of the Holy scriptures is to always ________ and not to _______

This disciple of Sankaracharya is hailed for his devotion to his Guru
On Guru Purnima, the moon is ___________
See 6 Across
See 7 Across


4.  Sai Divine Places

Swami has traveled extensively across the length and breadth of India and also has traveled abroad once. In this crossword, you have to find out the names of some of those holy cities. Each of these places is special in that there is a well known story behind Swami’s visit to these places.

[super_crossword pid=’pid_1896_1′ numCols=’14’ numRows=’11’]


The valley that Swami visited twice,and even addressed the Indian army while there
Along with 1D, the only two countries that Swami visited outside India
Swami installed a Vitthala Temple atop this scenic hill
The Lotus shaped Residence

See 5A
A part of the village Swami was born in
Swami’s residence in Kodaikanal
The hallowed hall where many a program happens in Swami’s presence
Location of the iconic temple where little Sathya was seen both outside and inside the sanctum santorum
See 8A


5.  Holy Scriptures – Crossword Puzzle

Sairam! Swami has said, “Honor every religion for each is a pathway to God.” So let us explore each unique pathway in this puzzle.

[super_crossword pid=’pid_1507_1′ validateanswer=’clue’ numCols=’15’ showsolution=’Y’ buildmode=’n’ ]


What are the first four books in the New Testament called
The Holy Book on Jesus’ life
The Holy Book for Jews
The Holy book on Shirdi Sai Baba’s life
Series of books written by Swami on spiritual topics

The religious text for Muslims
These aphorisms of wisdom are a part of the Vedas
The Holy scripture gifted to mankind by Krishna
These Holy Scriptures are the Zoroastrian sacred teachings
The Holy Text of the Sikhs that is considered to be The Living Guru
The Sacred Text containing Prophet Mohammed's direct narration


Puzzle created by a Group II SSE student
6.  Nature – Crossword Puzzle

Sairam! In this puzzle, we shall learn about Mother Nature's interactions with Divine Beings.

[super_crossword pid=’pid_1484_1′ validateanswer=’clue’ numCols=’10’ showsolution=’Y’ buildmode=’n’]


Tree under which Buddha got enlightenment
Swami says we should be like this flower – in the world but still not be affected by the world
The blessed Kalpataru (wish fulfilling tree) is this type of tree
Shirdi Sai Baba slept under this tree
Swami says ______ is the best teacher

This type of leaf is used to worship Shiva
Flowers that young Sathya cast on the ground that spelt SAI BABA in Telugu
Hanuman swallowed this ‘fruit’
One of the five elements that helps in digestion


Puzzle created by a Group II SSE student