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1.  Find the Religions – Crossword

Solve this crossword by finding out the names of these Festivals celebrated in various religions.


[super_crossword pid=’pid_1234_1′ validateanswer=’clue’ numCols=’13’]


Spend the night in prayers for the moon has least effect on the mind
Celebrated as the festival of colors signifying the triumph of good over evil
The day when Emperor Bali overcame his ego is celebrated as this festival
Celebrated in the Jewish religion as the day when the Self gets freedom from desires
Day when Lord Buddha attained Nirvana (Liberation)

Festival of Lights celebrated to signify the victory of light over darkness
A month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad
Let us celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ by spreading love and joy
Festival of Lights celebrated for eight days


2.  Names of Gods – Crossword

Solve this crossword by finding out the names of Gods from the provided clues.


[super_crossword pid=’pid_924_11′ validateanswer=’clue’ numCols=’14’]


Embodiment of Love and Sacrifice
Goddess of Strength
All Pervasive One
Goddess of Wealth
Remover of Obstacles
King of Ayodhya

Son of the resident of Kailash
Resident of Kailash
First Purna Avatar
The One God