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1.  Guru Purnima Special

The grand festival of Guru Purnima, the day the mind presided over by the moon which is shining in its full glory is humbly offered at The Lotus Feet of The Guru, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who is also our friend, our companion and our Lord.

Puzzle #1

  • To play the puzzle, click on the starting letter and click on the next immediate letter in any direction including diagonally.
    Once you spell the word correctly, the word will be marked as done.
  • Clicking on a letter twice will cancel the selection.
Find These Hidden Words

The Enlightened One who gave His first sermon on this day
Of the 3 promises made to His mother, Swami fulfilled the first promise on Guru Purnima 1971 in Anantapur by inaugurating a _______
Swami fulfilled His second promise on Guru Purnima 1995 by launching free supply of _____
On Guru Purnima 1999 Swami announced the launch of a second ________
A Guru is one who removes ________
Guru Purnima is celebrated when the moon is __________
Guru Purnima is celebrated in honor of the Sage _______


Puzzle #2
[super-scrambler sentence=”Follow The Master, Face The Devil, Fight To The End, Finish The Game” puzzle_id =”p2_1987″ scramble_positions=0 reference=”Summer Roses on the Blue Mountains, 1976″ link=”” showsolution=”Y”/]

Puzzle #3
[super_crossword pid=’p1_2098′ validateanswer=’clue’ numCols=’13’ showsolution=’Y’]


Guru Purnima is celebrated to honor this sage
Swami says that a true guru is one who has grasped the ______ aspect of God
A Vihita Guru is one who can show the path to _______
After curing Himself from the paralysis on Guru Purnima 1961, Swami declared He was the form of _______ and ________
The essence of the Holy scriptures is to always ________ and not to _______

This disciple of Sankaracharya is hailed for his devotion to his Guru
On Guru Purnima, the moon is ___________
See 6 Across
See 7 Across


2.  Quotes on Love

Inside these jumbled words are contained priceless quotes highlighting the value of Love. Try to find out the quotes.

Quote #1
[super-scrambler sentence=”Start the Day With Love” puzzle_id =”1937_1″ scramble_positions=1 reference=”My Dear Students, Vol 1, Ch 7, Apr 10, 2000″ link=””]

Quote #2
[super-scrambler sentence=”Devotion signifies love, love for the Divine is the only true love” puzzle_id =”1937_2″ scramble_positions=0 reference=”Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 28, Discourse 34″ link=””]

Quote #3
[super-scrambler sentence=”Love gives and forgives, Self gets and forgets” puzzle_id =”1937_3″ scramble_positions=1 reference=”Divine Discourse on Shivarathri Day, February 16, 1977″ link=””]

3.  Find These Quotes on Respect

Inside these jumbled words are contained priceless quotes highlighting the value of Respect. Try to find out the quotes.

Quote #1
[super-scrambler sentence=”Mother, Father, Teacher, and Guest are equal to God” puzzle_id =”1932_1″ scramble_positions=0 reference=”Taittiriya Upanishad” link=””]

Quote #2
[super-scrambler sentence=”Do unto others what you would have them do unto you” puzzle_id =”1932_2″ scramble_positions=0 reference=”Gospel of Matthew, 7:12″ link=””]

Quote #3
[super-scrambler sentence=”You cannot always oblige, but you can always speak obligingly” puzzle_id =”1932_3″ scramble_positions=0 reference=”Divine Discourse, Apr 28, 1999″ link=””]

4.  Sai Divine Places

Swami has traveled extensively across the length and breadth of India and also has traveled abroad once. In this crossword, you have to find out the names of some of those holy cities. Each of these places is special in that there is a well known story behind Swami’s visit to these places.

[super_crossword pid=’pid_1896_1′ numCols=’14’ numRows=’11’]


The valley that Swami visited twice,and even addressed the Indian army while there
Along with 1D, the only two countries that Swami visited outside India
Swami installed a Vitthala Temple atop this scenic hill
The Lotus shaped Residence

See 5A
A part of the village Swami was born in
Swami’s residence in Kodaikanal
The hallowed hall where many a program happens in Swami’s presence
Location of the iconic temple where little Sathya was seen both outside and inside the sanctum santorum
See 8A


5.  Solve These Quotes 2

Swami’s quotes are hidden in these scrambled words. Try to find out the quotes.

Quote #1
[super-scrambler sentence=”Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu” puzzle_id =”1743_3″ scramble_positions=0]

Quote #2
[super-scrambler sentence=”Always be cheerful, smiling, and enthusiastic under all circumstances” puzzle_id =”1743_1″ scramble_positions=0 reference=”Prema Vahini Ch 63″ link=””]

Quote #3
[super-scrambler sentence=”Living with God is True Education!” puzzle_id =”1743_2″ scramble_positions=1 reference=”” link=””]

6.  Solve These Quotes

Swami’s quotes are hidden in these scrambled words. Try to find out the quotes.

Quote #1
[super-scrambler sentence=”Love All, Serve All” puzzle_id =”1286_1″ scramble_positions=0]

Quote #2
[super-scrambler sentence=”Life is a game, play It” puzzle_id =”1286_3″ scramble_positions=0]

Quote #3
[super-scrambler sentence=”The end of education is character” puzzle_id =”1286_2″ scramble_positions=1]