Sairam Brothers and Sisters,
We are pleased to announce that the Age limit for Young Adults(YA) has now been increased from 35 to 40So it is time for us to collect again the contacts of YA for Charlotte Sai Center.
Who should submit their information to Charlotte YA Registry Database
– All members between the Age between 16 to 40
    – Group 4 SSE Kids of Charlotte Sai Center (upcoming YAs)
How do I submit the information to  Charlotte YA Registry Database
What happens after I submit the information  to the Charlotte YA Registry
– You will receive communication from regional an national YA leadership on Devotional and Service updates
        – You will receive invitation to participate in YA programs in the region and the country
        – Most importantly of all, You will receive Mother Sai’s immense grace and love
It will not take more that 2 mins of your valuable time. Love All Server All. 
Jai Jai Sairam
Charlotte Sai Center