Discussion Summary- Sadhana Quote April 11, 2017

Quote for the Day

The body is the temple of the individual (jiva), so whatever happens in that temple is the 
concern of that individual. So too the world is the body of the Lord, and all that happens in it, 
good or bad, is His concern. From the observed fact of the relationship between the individual 
and the body, know the truth of the unobservable relationship of the Lord and creation. The 
relationship of the individual (jiva) and the Lord, the kinship between the two, can be grasped by 
everyone who acquires three chief instruments: (1) a mind unsullied by attachment and hatred, (2) 
a speech unsullied by falsehood, and (3) a body unsullied by violence. Joy and peace do not reside 
in external objects; they are within you. But in your foolishness, you search for them outside 
yourself, in a world from which, today or tomorrow, you are bound to depart. Therefore, wake up 
now! Try to know the essence of the eternal truth. Try to experience the love that is God Himself. 
– Prema Vahini, Ch 19
Summary of the Discussion
1.To connect with Divinity one should have purity of thought, word and deed.
2.From today’s quote “World is body of God”, that shows how God cares about everything happening in His creation.
3.Our moods(joy, peace or hatred) is controlled by external factors, but we should learn to control our mood’s, not others.
  Story : A naughty kid goes to cloth shop and tears clothes into peaces to make the shop keeper angry. Shop keeper watches peacefully and answers “my peacefulness is expensive than the piece of cloth”
4.Going to the center and participating in center activities will help differentiate between wants and needs and eventually help controlling the wants.
5.We should teach our children to control their speech, thoughts and actions.
6. It is  the responsibility of parents to make children aware of their culture. We should make it a habit of watching radio sai with the children and teach them stories from our epics.