Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote April 18, 2017

Quote for the day

Embodiments of Love! The hallmark of love is selfless sacrifice (thyaga). Love seeks nothing from anyone. It bears no ill-will towards anyone. It is utterly selfless and pure. Failing to understand the true nature of love, people yearn for it in various ways. Love must be cherished with feelings of selflessness and sacrifice. In what is deemed as love in the world – whether it be maternal love, brotherly love, or friendship – there is an element of selfishness. Only God’s love is totally free from the taint of selfishness. Divine love reaches out even to the remotest being. It brings together those who are separate. It raises man from animality to Divinity. It transforms gradually all forms of worldly love to Divine love. Even the feeling of universal brotherliness is not the same as the experience of ekatvam (oneness). Even in such a fraternal feeling there is an element of self-interest. Those who really wish to promote universal brotherhood too should develop the consciousness of the one Spirit dwelling in all beings.
– Divine Discourse, Jun20, 1996
Summary of the Discussion
1.Many people(from different countries) visit Parthi. The power of Divine Love attracts them there.
2.Many doctors from USA go to Parthi and offer service in super specialty hospital, they are well qualified in US, they go there for service — that is another testimony of power of love from Swami.
3. Swami’s work continues even after His physical departure which demonstrates the power of selfless love. 
4.Love for Swami is making us bond together and helping us participate in center activities.
5.Swami’s love is different than our love for Swami i.e. Our Love is selfish, while Swami’s  love is selfless , like a mother’s love towards children.
6.Our Love is  selfish , always come with a condition, the moment condition is involved, its not pure.
7.God’s love is unconditional. Selfless love is accompanied by sacrifice. When God comes in Human form its a huge sacrifice-  to be caged in a body and to go through all the bodily pains itself is a sacrifice.
 8.The moments Swami walks in Kulwanth hall we feel a wave of love enveloping us. It is an indescribable experience. 
9.What is devotion? Devotion is a path to achieve God. Devotion is one form of Love.
10.We are in Swami’s fold, not by accident but by His Divine Will.
11.God’s grace is universal. It does not distinguish between devotees, atheists or criminals