Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 10, 2017

Quote for the Day

The Lord is attained only through supreme devotion (para-bhakthi). Supreme devotion can be 
acquired only through spiritual wisdom (jnana). Spiritual wisdom can be cultivated only through 
faith (sraddha), and faith comes only through love. So how is love to be cultivated? Through two 
methods: (1) Always consider the faults of others, however big, to be insignificant and negligible. 
Always consider your own faults, however insignificant and negligible, to be big, and feel sad and 
repentant. By these means, you avoid developing bigger faults and defects, and acquire the qualities 
of brotherliness and forbearance. (2) Whatever you do, with yourself or with others, do it 
remembering that God is omnipresent. He sees, hears and knows everything. Discriminate 
between the true and the false, and speak only the truth. Discriminate between right and wrong, 
and do only the right. Endeavour every moment to be aware of the omnipotence of God. 
– Prema Vahini, Ch 19
Summary of the Discussion
1.Love and Service are the main missions of Sai avatar.
2.Ignore Others faults however big they are.
3.Treat others the way that you wanted to be treated.
4.We should always remember that God is omnipresent and he is watching us all the time.
5. Omnipresence is felt with continuous sadhana. Continuous contemplation of the Lord is needed. 
6. How do we realize the Omnipresence of God ?By doing Satkarma, we gain the wisdom and then understand swami’s teachings. Progress day by day. Even a small good act can result in big grace.
7.All these discussion points from the sadhana call should be contemplated after the call and eventually put into practice and make it a part of our daily lives.