Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 12, 2017

Quote for the Day

What does it mean when you say God descends as an Avatar? God out of His love, affection 
and compassion, comes down to the level of a human being and arouses the Divine Consciousness 
in humankind. When God finds that many people are desperately searching outside of themselves 
for God, He makes you aware of God within yourself. God is in fact the core in everyone. This 
chance, to realise God within, has been granted to you as a reward for merit acquired by you in 
many previous lives, so as to reach the highest goal of merging with the absolute. Every bird needs 
two wings to fly; a cart needs two wheels to be pulled along. To journey towards the highest goal, you need both faith and steadfastness – spiritual learning (vidya) and penance (tapas). Bhagavad Gita 
states, Knowledge of the Self (Atma Vidya) is the holiest. Knowledge (Vidya) shows the way, and 
the penance (tapas) makes you reach the goal. Both are necessary to attain the Ultimate. 
– Divine Discourse, Dec 24, 1980
Summary of the Discussion
1.Swami is reiterating the fact that God is in every one .Realizing God within you is a boon.
2.God comes in Human form so that we can relate with Him.  
3.Having faith and steadfastness with consistency is the key. 
4.God = man minus ego
5.We should indulge in activities that will help us realize the God in everyone.
6.Respecting others — I am no different than others
7.How should one develop consistent faith and steadfastness? Forgive others’ mistakes, express gratitude to people who have helped you.
8. Swami says cows and buffaloes after they eat grass in the fields, they go to their shelters and ruminate that experience.Similarly we should ruminate on Swami’s teachings instead of listening and forgetting them.
9.Love can result in forgiveness. Expansion is Sai’s Love. We have to expand our Love like Bhagwan does.