Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 13, 2017

Quote for The Day

Embodiments of Divine Love! Wherever you may be, never give room for any differences. Everyone must get rid of all selfishness, self-interest and self-centeredness. Mutual regard (Mamatha), equipoise (Samatha) and forbearance (kshamatha) are basic qualities necessary for every human being. Hence develop love, forbearance and compassion. Realise that love is present in everyone. Get rid of all differences and adhere to your faith and traditions. Learn to live in love and harmony with all the members of your society. When differences of all kinds are given up, love will grow in you and you can have a direct vision of God. Without love, verbal prayers are of no avail. Divine love is the only unifier, motivator and harbinger of joy to everyone. God is love and God can be realised only through love. All saints and religions have emphasized the greatness of love, truth, sacrifice and unity. Therefore, cultivate love.
– Divine Discourse, Dec 24, 1980
Summary of the Discussion
1.Love is everywhere. We should know how to open with others and connect.
2.We should come out of “me” and start thinking of “we”, shower love to others, not just to family members.
3.Love among us strengthens by involving in group activities.
4. We go to the center because of  Swami’s love is the driving force and inspiration 
5.Only way, we can return our love  to Swami is by following his teachings.
6.We should show love to our enemies as well, only then we stand different as Sai devotees.
7.Even when some one criticizes you take it as an opportunity to correct if any.
8.To shower unconditional love on others, don’t have any expectations or pre-judge.
9.We should get rid of self interest.