Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 14, 2017

Quote for the Day

Develop the quality of love. Do not hate anyone. Develop the faith that whatever happens to you is good for you. Think that whenever you encounter any difficulty or suffering, you alone are responsible for it. On the other hand, if you insult anyone knowingly or unknowingly, that someone else may punish you some day. Pleasure and pain are the products of your own making. The merit or sin you commit, follows you like a shadow always. Many today give sermons to others, without following their own advice. What value will your advice have? Whenever you read or listen to a noble thought, it is of no value to you, until you practice it assiduously. Help your fellow human beings at least in a small measure. You will be helped in return, when you need it most. Never blame others for the difficulties you face. Never abuse anyone. Love all and treat everyone as your brothers and sisters.
– Divine Discourse Jan 1, 2004
Summary of the Discussion

1. Namasmarana is a tool to attain bliss. 

2. In Previous Yuga’s people used to perform Yagna’s , Yagas andThapas for reaching God.    

3. In Kaliyuga, its Namasmarana alone is sufficient to reach the God.

4. All this practice of Namasmara will help us remember God’s name during our last breath.

5. Don’t search for Peace, Bliss and Happiness outside, search inside of you, you have all the talents and powers latent in you. 

6. Your body is the Temple of God, so keep you mind pure with sacred thoughts and Love and keep your body healthy.

7. Make a habit of Chanting Gayathri mantra when you see someone in need of help. Say when you are driving and see a stalled car, or a cop pulled some vehicle or an accident on the road. Even when you hear emergency vehicle sirens, or even while parking the car make it a habit to  chant the  Gayatri Mantra