Discussion Summary- Sadhana Quote of April 17, 2017

Quote for the Day

For achieving anything in life two things are essential: firm faith and pure love. To experience pure, Divine love, you must be prepared to give up selfishness and self-interest. You must develop purity and steadfastness. With firm faith in the Divine, you must foster the love of God regardless of all obstacles and ordeals. You should never think that pleasure and pain are caused by some external forces; it is not so. They are the result of your own thoughts. There is no meaning in blaming others. If you develop love of God, that love will banish all sorrow and evil tendencies like attachment, anger and envy. One should pursue both spiritual education and secular studies. You have to realise that Nature is also a manifestation of God. Hence, Nature should not be ignored. Nature is the effect and God is the cause. Thus, you should recognize the omnipresence of the Divine in the entire cosmos.
– Divine Discourse, Jun 20, 1996
Summary of the Discussion
1.We can recognize the divine love within us by giving up selfishness and self interest.
2. Swami says one can develop friendship and love for God and other attachments are temporary. Attachment to God alone is permanent..
3.There should be no pleasure, when someone praises..no sorrow someone criticizes you, because if that quality is not there..we feel the pain and pleasure due to our own thoughts.Ignore those kind of external forces(Pleasure and pain),take both with equal mindedness.
4.When someone criticizes , we tend to feel agitated.Don’t react, but respond.
5.How love can be put into action? A story of man Kalyan Sundaram awarded man of millennium by an American organization. He worked as a librarian, he donated his entire salary for service.But for survival he did additional jobs.He donated his entire pension money. He was recognized for his selfless service and was given 30 crores, which he again gave it away. He found joy in giving it to others.
6. Swami is perfect, but at the same time He sees pure love and faith. He wants us to be perfect, if even a grain of rice is wasted Swami shows his anger. On the other hand, once a group of farmers fell at his feet, his robe became dirty, a devotee got furious and told the farmers not to touch His  robe. Swami corrected the devotee and said that it is not dirt,  but flowers of faith.
7.Some times we have to accept the situation as it is.
8. Once Swami was upset with the boys, he wasn’t talking. Students asked Swami why He is upset and not interacting with them in the usual manner. The students echoed that they are willing to give up their life for Swami. Swami responded by saying not to give their life for Him but  practiceHis teachings.
9.To sing a bhajan, we practice and perfect it. Likewise, we need rigorous practice to follow his teachings.Showering love also can be practiced, we may fall, fail in the beginning. Go through the turmoil, but keep practicing it . We want the results immediately. But it will take time. Once we master it, we will have bliss.
10. Money comes and goes but  morality  comes and grows.