Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 19, 2017

Quote for the Day

Good and bad, wealth and poverty, praise and blame go together in this world. You cannot derive happiness out of happiness (Na sukhat labhate sukham). Happiness comes only out of sorrow. A wealthy man today may become a pauper tomorrow. Similarly, a pauper may become a rich man some day or other. Today you are being praised, but tomorrow you may be criticised. To consider praise and blame, happiness and sorrow, prosperity and adversity with equal-mindedness is the hallmark of a true human being. The Gita declares, “Remain equal-minded in happiness and sorrow, gain and loss, victory and defeat (Sukha Dukhe same kritva labhalabhau jayajayau). You can truly enjoy your life as a human being only when you consider both sorrow and happiness, profit and loss with equanimity. There is no value for happiness without sorrow. Therefore, welcome sorrow if you want to experience real happiness.
– Divine Discourse, Jul 9, 1996
Summary of Discussion
1.Happiness or sorrow should be faced with equanimity. If we keep asserting that we are happy We will find happiness.
2.Accept pain with a positive attitude
3.Every one has problems, being worried and stressed about the problems will not help in anyways to solve it.
4.Swami says, whatever happens , happens for our good.
5.People normally worry about losing their jobs. If that happens believe that God wants  to take you out of the comfort zone and help you find something better.
6. Always, pray for Sai’s grace.
7.Happiness or sorrow comes to due to expectation and desire.
8.Miseries are all due to karmic effects. God has the ability take us out of Karmic effects.
9. Happy moments worship god, difficult moments seek god, every moment thank God.
10.Nothing is permanent, whatever the time we have here, we should spend it in seeking God.
11.Heart is 20 times powerful than mind, kids are happy because they live from their heart, start living with your heart.
12.How do we pray to God continuously? make him your friend, tell Him everything that you do. Then you automatically keep chanting his name.