Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 2, 2017

Quote for the Day

In order to save His devotees, God takes many different actions in several ways. Devotees, unable to recognise and understand the inner meaning of such actions, think that God is giving them unnecessary difficulties. People only have external vision. God has inner vision. Paramatma is always caring for the well-being of His people. Even if a son, who has been brought up with much care by the mother, makes a mistake, the mother will correct the son and punish if appropriate. When we see this, we feel that a mother who has brought up the son with such care, love, and tenderness is harsh in punishing the child; but the mother does so with affection. In the same manner—God, the universal father, will punish His devotees, when needed, with love. Do not mistake it to be God desiring to punish people. God is always full of grace.
– Summer Showers in Brindavan, 1976, Ch 3
Summary of the Discussion
1. Anger can be used to correct mistakes.The small punishments that parents give to their children  is for their well being. Even Swami has in many occasions used anger , He does it out of Love .
2.When Swami has to reform someone, he speaks to him with anger but also ensures He does not put the individual in any embarrassing position; most of the times angry words can only be heard by the individual to whom the anger was directed towards. 
3. Kunti Devi, asks Lord Krishna to grant her miseries and troubles all the time so that she can remember God with intensity throughout.
4. A question came up as how to know if we did something wrong in our previous lives, the answer provided was  even knowing that we are suffering for the karma’s of our previous lives  is a blessing. God doesn’t interfere with our lives. According to the karmic principle we keep paying debts of our actions. Once God is in our hearts, none can touch us.
5. Another question  posed was : Why good things happen to bad people and how are they having a better life? The answer to  that question was  they are enjoying the benefits of their good actions and using up the good karma that they had accumulated.