Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 24, 2017

Quote for the Day

You should realise that for every action there is a consequence. The results of each action depend on the nature of the action, just as the nature of the tree depends on the seed which is sowed. The consequences of one’s actions are inescapable and it is for this reason that the Emperor Manu laid down that all should observe Dharma. The consequences of actions may appear sooner or later but they are bound to occur. When you constantly think of God and perform all actions with Divine feelings, you will experience the full blossoming of the human qualities. Consider every action as dedicated to God. You cannot avoid actions. You must transform work into worship. You have to perform work in this spirit. You cannot substitute prayer for work. You have to combine both work and worship. 

– Divine Discourse, Aug 31, 1992 
Summary of Discussion
1.Karma, every action comes with consequence.
2.Punarjanma(rebirth) depends on our carried karma.
3.Human Beings are the only living creature that can attain Liberation. But unless they make an effort this rare opportunity of human birth can go waste.
4.Actions are result of thoughts, cultivate good positive thoughts that will result in good actions.
5.Good actions along with God’s grace will result in  better life.
6.Start the day with namasmarana that will result in good actions
7.We are here because of the choices/actions that we made in our previous lives.
8.Consequences of actions are imminent. There is no way to circumvent the effects of karma.
9.Every action when offered to God is bound to triumph as He is the in-dweller who will inspire us to make the right decisions.
10.Always remember that God is within you and around you. When we know this truth and remember His Omnipresence we will always act righteously.
11.An example of the consequences of Karma. This is the story of Dasaratha, who had to breathe his last due to the extreme grief of separation from his darling son Rama.  Long ago unknowingly he kills Sravana Kumar who was the dutiful son of blind parents. He served them with utter devotion and obedience. Their unbearable sorrow made them curse Dasaratha that he too will undergo the pangs of separation from his son.