Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 25, 2017

Quote for the Day

You may install idols and worship them. But do not forget the inner significance of all that worship. All external activities are necessary only to help you to get the spirit of non-duality and experience unity in diversity. Love and sacrifice are very important. Where there is pure, unsullied, selfless, sacred and sublime love there is no fear at all. Giving and not getting is the underlying principle of spiritual sadhana. Your heart is full of love, but you are using it only for selfish purposes instead of diverting it towards God. God is in the heart and not in the head. The heart is full of love. Every day, remind yourself that God is one; all religions uphold the same principle of ‘One God, who is omnipresent.’ Do not have contempt for any religion, as each is a pathway to God. Fostering love towards your fellow-beings, receive the blessings of the Divine. This is the goal of life.
– Divine Discourse, Sep 9, 1994
Summary of The Discussion
1. Swami not only says that all religions are same, but also shows by an example. Puttparthi is the only place where the festivals of all the religions are celebrated.
2.Giving(love and sacrifice), not getting is the real spiritual sadhana
3.Pure love will spread positive vibrations and has the power to eliminate hatred.
4.During Bhagwan’s Chennai water project inauguration, the then chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi did not fancy offering his pranams at the Lotus feet. But Swami in his immense love visited his house and his unconditional and nonjudgmental love brought over a change of heart in Karunanidhi. He had to finally succumb to His love and he paid his respects to the Divine Master.
5.The evil mind is the cause of hatred among religions.
6.Excessive information(Media,whatsapp, facebook etc) causes unnecessary agitation in our minds. Swami  often say that today’s news paper is tomorrow’s waste paper.
7.Being in Sai’s fold is a blessing. Wherever we go ,  Sai family welcomes us even when they don’t know each other. The only connecting force is love for Swami.