Discussion Summary- Sadhana Quote of April 26, 2017

Quote for the Day

You are unnecessarily struggling and planning several schemes, thinking about them day and night. In spite of all your struggles, what has to go out of your hands will go. The body is like a water bubble. The mind is like a mad monkey. If you follow this mad monkey, you will get into trouble. In the same manner, if you believe in the body, you do not know when this body, which is like a water bubble, will burst. Nothing is permanent. Only the Atma (Self) is eternal and immortal. ‘I’, ‘Self’, ‘God’ are all different names by which the Atmaswarupa is called. God incarnated as Rama, Krishna, and the like, and underwent several difficulties to demonstrate great ideals. Finally, they too left the mortal coil. The physical bodies of the Avatars undergo changes, but the Divine Atma in their bodies remains the same. It is omnipresent, eternal and changeless. Divinity in all the human beings is one and the same.
– Divine Discourse, Jan 1, 2009
Summary of the Discussion
1. Swami in all his discourses talks about body or mind.When we associate ourselves with our body or follow the mind, that is duality, we should follow the Atma .
2.Swami says Rama and Krishna underwent all the difficulties as a normal human being. They led by example that the physical body is of no significance.
3.We should understand that mind and body are the vehicles to undertake divine work, they should not be misused merely to fulfill temporary desires and indulgences.
4.We should realize that Atma is permanent. Even though we know that body is momentary, we are unable to release ourselves from the bodily attachments.
5.When we participate in center activities, we feel good.  But outside of it, the worldly affairs influence us.  We should come out of the worldly attractions and dedicate all actions to God.
6.We may have some unpleasant moments, we need to practice letting go and moving on with faith in the Divine wisdom.
7.One should not have fear of death. Just as we change clothes, atma too switches to different bodies.
8. Great souls/sages who have left their physical form have come back to body again have conveyed many a times that the other side(beyond the physical plane) is very blissful.