Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 27, 2017

Quote of the Day

You have had the valuable opportunity to listen to Divine discourses and directions, they have been printed upon your hearts; many of your conversations is centred on Me or on My divine play (leelas) and glory (mahima). My advice to you is: Apply this adoration in your life. Let your companions see how disciplined you are, how sincerely you obey your parents, and how deeply you revere your teachers. Be a light, radiating virtue and self-control wherever you live, just as commendably as you did when in My divine presence. Do not slide back into indiscipline, bad manners, irresponsibility and evil habits. Do not complain against food; eat with pleasure whatever you get. Do not protest against any errand that your parents may assign you. Run gladly and fulfil it. When they want you to nurse them, do it happily, intelligently, and feeling glad that you got the chance. Live anywhere but such that I can pour My Grace on you, more and more.
– Divine Discourse, Feb 22, 1968
Summary of Discussion
1.When you alone and even when no one is watching, be as good and disciplined as we would be in the physical presence of Swami.
2.A personal incident was shared. While having a train journey, a lady approached a Sai devotee for help.She recognized that he is a Sai devotee by his white attire.  The gentleman offered her the needed help. Sai devotees are known for their serving attitude, discipline and sincerity. We should live up to those expectations.
3. We should always be available to offer help, because our Swami led by example, we should never bring bad name to Swami.
4. Back in Hyderabad, there was procession going on, Two traffic police sounded worried in the beginning and when they noticed they are Sathya sai devotees, they were relieved.
Testimonies of some of the Sai center member experiences of how our Sai Family members offer help and shower love were shared.