Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 3, 2017

Quote for the Day

The word surrender has been misinterpreted and people promote idleness in the name of surrender. We think that our mind and body have been surrendered to the Lord. Your mind is not under your own control, how then can you hold it and give it to the Lord? You have no control over your own body too. So to say that you have surrendered your mind and body to the Lord is untrue. The flute is a very good example of an instrument close to the Lord and the one great quality in the flute is its complete surrender. There is nothing left in the flute, there are no residual desires. In fact, the inside of the flute is completely hollow. The flute has nine holes in it, and the flute of our body has nine holes too. That flute has been able to go close to the Lord because it is completely hollow. So also, if we can remove all the pulp of desires from our body, then there is no doubt that this flute of our body can also go close to the Lord.
– Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Vol 1, Ch 3
Summary of the Discussion
1.The most  important quality that a  devotee should posses is that of surrender.
What exactly is surrender? To give yourself entirely, unconditionally and absolutely to God’s will is surrender
2.To attain that state, one should first develop friendship with God. The Telugu word Maitri (meaning friendship) has two syllables, one is mai and the other is tri. This tri stands for the three planes of a human being, namely, body, mind and soul. Thus the word maitri connotes a feeling of oneness at all these three levels. Such a state alone can be called a state of true friendship.
3.Surrender should be complete. Body, mind and soul should be in harmony for surrender to be called complete .
4. Swami narrates a story where the Gopikas asks the flute of Krishna; They said, “How lucky you are! We just have a glimpse of Krishna. How lucky you are to be on the lips of Krishna! He breathes into you! What good fortune have you done in the past? What merit did you earn in past lives? Dear flute let us know the secret behind it. You must have an incessant, strong, fathomless, depth of love for Krishna that made Him keep you on His lips.” The Flute Replies: ” I have not done anything! You are also as much a flute as myself. I have nine holes, so do you. You should surrender to God by taking out all desires, like I took out all the pulp.Make yourself empty; then you will also play the Divine Melodious Music.”
5.As the flute has 9 holes , Our body has 9 karmendriyas and jnanedriyas that help us in realizing God. 9 is a number with spiritual prominence, that is why Swami asked us to follow 9 point code of conduct. 
6.True surrender means, we should become instrument and let God play with that instrument as he wishes.
7.Our surrender should be of Lakshman’s surrender to Rama. He gave up everything(his wife, mother, father and the kingdom) and accompanied  Rama.Similarly we should give up all our desires and surrender.
8.One should offer their achievements to him and enjoy the role given by God(the director) to us.
9.We should realize that Swami is there to help us for any problem. if there is a problem, we should call Swami first instead of reaching out to our friends relatives,.
10.How do we control the desires? When think of buying something, determine if that is a necessity, i.e. can we live without it? if the answer is no, then don’t go for it. This is one way of controlling the desires.