Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 4, 2017

Quote for the Day
All the five elements have been created by the will of the Supreme. They must be used with reverential care and vigilant discrimination. Reckless use of any of them will only rebound on you with tremendous harm. Nature outside must be handled with discretion, caution and awe. It is the same with our inner ‘nature’ and internal instruments too! Of these, two are capable of vast harm – the tongue and one’s lust. Since lust is aroused and inflamed by the food consumed and the drink taken in, the tongue needs greater attention. While your eye, ear and nose have single uses, the tongue makes itself available for two purposes: to judge taste and to utter word – symbols of communication. You must control the tongue with double care, since it can harm you in two ways. Patanjali, (The author of Yoga Sutras) has declared that when tongue is conquered, victory is yours!
– Divine Discourse, Nov 23, 1968
Summary of the Discussion
1. Use the natural resources wisely and avoid misusing them. If misused it will create chaos,  tsunami’s, land slides, rising global temperatures etc.Similarly we should  use our five sense organs wisely. 
2.India is the only county that treats Nature as GOD. It had a long tradition of milking the natural resources unlike today where we misuse them.
3.Tongue is the armor of the God, never hurt anyone with harsh words, talk sweetly to everyone.
4.Healthy body and healthy thoughts will not only benefit the individual but also the entire community. 
5.Always talk less, talk obligingly. Before you talk check if its necessary. Be polite while talking and address the individual personally.
6.Tongues resides with in the 32 sharp teeth and manages not getting hurt, though the tongue itself is very soft. Like the soft tongue, the words should also be soft.
7.The more you talk, the more you are wasting divine energy and hindering your spiritual growth. When you talk less you conserve energy. 
8.Its is advised to start Mouna Vrath whenever possible. It should be practiced both at the Thought level and Word levels. Even Texting, Emailing is considered talking, so do it only when needed.