Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of April 9, 2017

Quote for the Day

 I have often said, “My Life is My Message”. Avatars make such a proclamation only to 
demonstrate their Divinity. They are children among children, men among men, and women among women, so that they may respond to everyone’s joy and sorrow, console them and infuse 
confidence and courage into their drooping hearts. Avatars appear among humans since birds, 
beasts, trees, etc. have not slid into unnatural ways. It is only human beings pursuing the mirage 
of worldly happiness and sensual pleasure, who have forgotten the task for which they came to 
earth. God assumes human form only to restore Dharma and lead you back into the path of virtue 
and wisdom! Hence God is pleased with the rigorous adherence to Dharma. Practice righteousness, 
it will fill every moment of your life with bliss and the joy of self-realisation. God is everywhere. 
He is all-powerful. He sees everything. He resides in every heart and listens to every agony and 
prayer. Have faith in God. 
– Divine Discourse, Nov 1970
Summary of the Discussion
1.God has descended in human form so that it is easier for human mind to comprehend Him.
2.God comes in human form to restore Dharma
3.God is everywhere and in every one, we should develop that faith.
4.Why God needs to take human form?- Swami says I created myself from myself, so that I can love Myself. Our Limited mind cannot comprehend the Supreme Divinity. He behaves like one of us, but directs us to the Divine. He has come to bestow Supreme ananda or Bliss.
5. Human mind is full of ego and makes everything complex. If God takes Narasimha’s form in this age, Human beings will keep him in an exhibition and make money out of it. To restore  Dharma He had to descend to the level of Human being. 
 6.This is the Yuga where destruction/agitations are at its peak, God came down to the earth to restore Dharma. During the Avatars of Rama, Krishna, the avatar’s had to destroy only a few individuals who did not follow the path of Dharma. But in today’s age, both bad and good exists in everyone.So God had to come in human form and act like ordinary mortals. His Divinity is enveloped in His Humanness, but never be disillusioned , He is pure consciousness. He has come to lift mankind to to level of Divinity. 
 7. Everyday in your actions, follow the conscience, there will always be a battle between the mind and the heart. We should be true to our conscience and listen to  our inner voice.
8. Always hold on to Him . If you call  ‘Sai, Sai’, He will come running to you saying  ‘ oyi oyi oyi.’.So, keep calling His name, He will take care of us.