Discussion Summary -Sadhana Quote of March 24,2017

Quote for the Day
Love is Divine. Love all, impart your love even to those who lack love. Love is like a mariner’s compass. Wherever you may keep it, it points the way to God. In every action in daily life manifest your love. Divinity will emerge from that love. This is the easiest path to God-realisation. But why aren’t people taking to it? This is because they are obsessed with misconception relating to the means of experiencing God. They regard God as some remote entity attainable only by arduous spiritual practices. God is everywhere. There is no need to search for God. All that you see is a manifestation of the Divine. All the human beings you see are forms of the Divine. Correct your defective vision and you will experience God in all things. Speak lovingly, act lovingly, think with love and do every action with a love-filled heart.
– Divine Discourse Jul 5, 1996
Summary of the Discussion
1.See God in everyone.
2.Bodily attachments should be given up.
3.There should only attachment towards God.
4.Only God’s love is selfless, all the other so called love are selfish love.
5.Leaving Bodily attachment doesn’t mean don’t ignore one’s health.  In thought for the day of March 7 2017,  Swami says “The body has not been granted by God to be fed, well clothed and to be paraded around in pride. The body has to be exercised to keep it trim as a tool for serving others.” We should treat our body like temple. Maintain in well.
6.How do we turn our attachment towards God and get rid of worldly attachments? the best way is to follow the Swami’s 9 point code of conduct.
7.We should use our conscience in determining what is necessity and what is nice/Good to have(in other words luxury). When eating, we take only sufficient food. But, for other worldly desires, there is no limit. That’s why Swami talks about Ceiling on desires.