Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of March 25,2017

Quote for the Day

The world is impermanent. Birth is a misery. Old age is a misery. Be careful!” says a Sanskrit poem. As long as you are alive, everyone would seem to love the body. This is for purely selfish reasons. God alone is utterly selfless. Love God and lead your normal lives; there is nothing wrong in this. Whatever you do, treat it as an offering to God. See God in everyone. Don’t have ill will towards anyone. Do not have excessive attachment for anyone. Direct all attachment towards God. Love all. Do not rely on anyone except God. Realise the impermanence of the body and place your trust solely in God. Seek refuge in Him. What is most needed today in this Kali age is faith. As often as possible, when you get the chance, meditate on God. Earn the esteem of society through sincere service. That will ensure a good future for you.
– Divine Discourse Aug 16, 1996
Summary of the Discussion
1.Lord Shiva where is he present? When God is omnipresent, why search for him?
 with spiruitual sadhana one will realize the divinity within each of them
2.Remove the attachment(attachment to body and relatives) and hatred that will help to realize the divinity
3.Swamy’s simple point of ceiling on desire helps getting rid of hatred and bodily attachment
4.Swamy was referring about Neil Armstrong traveled all the way to Moon in search of God, Man makes gigantic effort to go to the Moon but never attempts to search for the Divinity within.
5.We go where we come from — what does this mean? We enter the world empty handed and leave the world empty handed.
6.Holy Ash or Vibhuthi’s reminds us of the transitory nature of all earthly things and of the mortality of the body