Discussion Summary- Sadhana Quote of March 26,2017

Quote for the Day

Devote your time to the service of the world, with faith in the Lord, regardless of its fruits. Then you become blessed. Otherwise, though the body may be inactive, the mind will be very busy, committing acts on its own. People with such minds fall prey to karma in spite of their not doing anything! When a person has the mind fixed on contemplation of God and the pursuit of truth, though the body and senses do acts that are of service to the world, they won’t be affected by them; though they do actions (karma), they are still non-doers of action. This is the lesson from Bhagavad Gita. The heart of the person who doesn’t strive to cultivate the mind with holy thoughts is certain to be the paradise of evil and wickedness. Everyone who hopes to rise to greatness, seeks one-pointedness and aspires for salvation, must bear this in mind. Spiritual wisdom alone is the cause of liberation. 
– Prema Vahini, Ch 72 
Summary of the Discussion
Essence of Today’s quote is : One should keep his/her mind pure all the time. Even if one’s actions are good, but the act was committed with an impure mind, such mind will prey to Karma in spite of no wrong actions.
Discussion points :
1.Thoughts that give happiness are good thoughts and thoughts that instill agitation and restlessness are bad thoughts. 
2.How do we convert the bad thoughts to the good thoughts?  A true incident was narrated .
 This is a story where a Swami’s student Gopal from Royal family lost all his wealth. The family got cheated of their wealth by a person who befriended his grandmother.
 One day, this student while having the darshan of Swami,  was imagining to kill Kishore, the pretentious friend who robbed them off their wealth. Swami called him into the interview room and remarked that Gopal has already committed 3 murders emphasizing that even in thoughts if someone commits a sin the karmic effect is the same as committing murder physically.
Swami advised him to imagine Kishore having a baby in his hand, and then to imagine that baby as Swami.Swami offered a simple solution that in order to negate the negative thoughts, plant them with a positive one.
3. Namasmarana and selfless service are the means that we can adopt to control the mind.
4. Swami  never accepts donations that was earned in the adharmic way, again reiterating the fact that thoughts, words  and actions should be in harmony to achieve salvation