Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of March 27, 2017

Quote for the day

Good company can elevate one to the level of Divinity, whereas bad company can degenerate one to the level of an animal. You should make efforts to rise above the human level. No effort is needed for your downward fall. To become bad is very easy. Young people today entertain bad thoughts and feelings, and perform bad actions, thereby wasting their precious young age. Unfortunately, people today associate with bad company, because of which their good feelings and actions are turned into bad feelings and actions — ultimately making their lives very miserable. Though it may appear to be very difficult to attain the higher level, you should still make efforts to reach higher levels. Your thoughts are the root cause of everything. Therefore, you should have only noble, sacred, pure, and meaningful thoughts. 
– Divine Discourse, July 8, 1996 
Summary Of the Discussion
1.Having good company will take us to a level above humanity which is divinity, while bad company will take level below humanity which is demonic. 
2.Good company and good thoughts should be maintained always, not just only during the sai activities or when with Sai members. 
3.We should keep telling our children about having good company.
4.Kids not only follow our habits of qualities, but also see what is our(adults) company, they tend to have friends, similar what parents have. So, we should choose our company selectively.
5.Swami keeps saying to his students that they follow morals while in Swami’s presence, once they go home they get perverted with bad company and watch bad movies that cause rage and hatred.
6.Habit of having good company should start from young age itself.
7.How do we determine if our company/friends is good or bad?  If we are following most of the Swami’s 9 points of conduct then our company is good, if we are following least of 9 points of Conduct, our company is bad.
8.Our company should help in improvising(shine) our Sai values that we gained being in Sai family.
9.We should not only have good company, but also we should influence good on bad people, instead of we being influenced by bad company.
10.How’s it possible, that be in the world , but not influenced by it, only way is with good company.
11.Self transformation happens at 4 levels,  Physical, Mind, Intellect and Spiritual level. Spiritual being the highest and Physical being the least. To be at spiritual level  is possible only with silence.
12.  One way to practice above is to keep looking at Swami’s eyes from a picture of Sai in closed room, which will help subsiding our bad thoughts.