Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of March 28,2017

Quote for the Day
Though it is hard to restrain the mind, it can be diverted. When the mind steeped in the secular world is diverted toward Divinity, it gains in moral strength. The mind steeped in the worldly matters makes you a prisoner of the world, whereas a mind steeped in God secures liberation for you. Your heart is the lock and your mind is the key. When you turn the key to the left, it locks. But if you turn the key to the right, it unlocks. It is the turning of the key that makes the difference. Hence the mind is the cause for your liberation as well as bondage. What then is liberation (Moksha)? It is not an air-conditioned mansion, but a state devoid of delusion(Moha). Majesty and morality lie in diverting the mind from the world to God. It is this simple and powerful concept that really contributes to your progress and prosperity.
– Summer Showers Ch1, May 20, 1996
Summary of the Discussion
1.Majesty and Morality helps in turning mind away from world and toward God.
2.Thought, Emotion and Action relating to good feeling results in good energy.Thought first occurs, Emotion improves it and Action implements it. So, thought is the starting point either for good or bad. Mind the source for thoughts should always be controlled
3.People with spiritual mind and people with worldly mind are different. The latter focuses on fulfillment of desires, while the former focuses on  spiritual activities succeed in controlling their mind.
4.Consistency in Spiritual path is also important.
5. Swami talks about 3 Ds — Duty,Discipline and Devotion which helps us focus.
6.To control, global warming  , some people are asked to close their eyes with positive thoughts, that helped cooling down the temperatures. So, Thoughts itself can change the atmosphere.
7. A Maharshi, invited 4000 people to washington to meditate for one month. Its noticed that crime rate has come down by 50%.  They called this as Maharshi effect.
8. Change of dinner plate size(12 inches to 10 inches) caused in 22% reduction food consumption by the individuals.  Similarly. If we reduce the breadth of our thoughts, that will help reduction in our thoughts.
9.Chanting the om sri sairam 108 times, its giving super human strength, it also nullifies bad thoughts.
10.we should practice following the heart than the mind.