Discussion Summary – Sadhana Quote of March 29,2017

Quote for the Day

Embodiments of Love, God is present in everyone. He resides in every heart. So do not confine God to a temple, a mosque or a church. Where a human is, there God is. God takes the form of a human (Daivam manusha rupena). As you forget and do not realise this important fact, you indulge in criticism of others. Whom are you criticising? Whom do you adore? Enquire for yourself. God is present in all. If you criticise others, you criticise God. Whoever you salute, it reaches God (Sarva
jeeva namaskaram Keshavam prati gacchati) and whoever you insult or ridicule, it also reaches God! (Sarva jeeva thiraskaram Keshavam prati gacchati). Right from this moment, embark on a new life giving up bad thoughts and evil qualities. Purify your heart. Let your thoughts, words and deeds be sacred. Only then will your life be blissful.
– Divine Discourse, Apr 13, 2002
Summary of the Discussion 
1.Two kinds of Criticisms, direct and indirect. Both are bad. We take the sins of others whom we criticize.
2.All are embodiments of God,  like Swami says, bulbs are many but power is one. The more voltage, brighter the bulb. So, more we dwell on God, more divine we are.
When bulb is covered with fog it is dull, we clean it to brighten, similarly we should wipe of bad thoughts and brighten the divinity within us.
3.Positive thoughts create positive energy, negative thoughts take away the energy.
Story was shared to illustrate this : A king was touring his kingdom . Suddenly he stopped in front of a shop in the market and said to his minister, “I don’t know why, but I want to hang the owner of this shop.” The minister was shocked. But before he could ask the king why, the king had moved on. The next day, the minister went to that shop dressed as one of the locals to see the shopkeeper. He casually asked him how his business was faring. The shopkeeper, a sandalwood merchant, reported sadly that he had hardly any customer. People would come to his shop, smell the sandalwood and then go away. They would even praise the quality of the sandalwood but rarely buy anything. His only hope was that the king would die soon. Then there would be a huge demand for sandalwood for performing his last rites. As he was the only sandalwood merchant around, he was sure the king’s death would mean a windfall.
The minister now understood why the king had stopped in front of this shop and expressed a desire to kill the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper’s negative thought vibration had subtly affected the king, who had, in turn, felt the same kind of negative thought arising within.
4.Forget  the past , from now on, apply good thoughts and stop criticizing others.
5.we are  fortunate to be in Swami’s fold, being reminded of these topics , pondering on these everyday , get better of us.
6.Earth,Moon and Sun — consciousness, sub consciousness, super consciousness
when earth rotates — light and dark keeps coming, when earth faces the sun there is light, when Earth turns away from Sun we have darkness.
We can draw analogy from this: When we turn towards God(facing God), we have light the wisdom. We turn away from God(the Super Consciousness) we are in dark, But then God gave us MOON.
7.These discussions everyday before going to bed, helps us lean towards God, as these thoughts keep lingering in our mind during the night and help the next day to start with good thoughts.
8.if we listen to a bhajan song before going to bed, next day morning we start the day by singing that bhajan.