Greensboro Sai Center Avatar’s Day : Service Project

Sairam All,
Below is an email received from Greensboro Sai Center requesting school supplies for one of their Counties
If you are interested in participating, there is a link in the email for a sign-up sheet along with a list of required items.
There is no limit on the quantity, you can donate whatever you are comfortable with
Here is how you can send the items
1) If you are planning on attending the Avathar Day Celebrations in Greensboro on Oct 17, you can bring the items with you.
2) Bring the items to our Center on next Sunday (10/10).  We will have few collection bins
3) Send an email to before 10/15 to arrange a pickup
Charlotte Sai Center



Hope you all doing well with Swami’s grace.

First off all, I would like to invite you all to Greensboro on the occasion of Avatar’s Day celebrations.


as part of this occasion, we have initiated one service project (Teachers Supply) [ based on our study and discussions with local county schools, there is a desperate need of supplies for teachers].


Why we need to do only for Guilford County ?, Here is some Statistics,

  • Guilford County Schools (GCS) has a large number of students who live at or below poverty level-48.5% of GCS students qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program.


  • When parents can’t afford school supplies for their children, teachers often make up the difference.


  • According to a national study, teachers spend $500-$800 per year of their own money to supply their classrooms.



I would like to invite and extend my invitation to you all to participate on this service project.

please refer below sign-up link,


Drop box will be available at the venue to collect all items on Avatar’s Day.


The spreadsheet includes all items along with statistics on the current needs in Guilford County.

Note that this list includes hygiene supplies as well, for example, Kleenex, Sanitizers, etc.


Please take it forward and circulate in your centers about this project and sign-up link,

 please let me know if you need any further details, talk to you soon.