Protect the Planet | Study Circles | Use of Plastic

Dear Embodiments of Love, 
Loving Sairam!
“In the exploitation of natural resources, people are observing no limits in the name of their right to act as they please. I do not understand wherefrom this ‘right’ is derived. In reality there is no ‘right’. In fact, what they have is ‘responsibility’.” – Baba, Sanathana Sarathi, Nov 1997
You may be aware of a practical initiative by the YAs titled “Protect the Planet” (PtP) which was launched recently. PtP aims on caring for the environment and Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings on Ceiling on Desires (COD). The focus will be on 3 topics: plastic, water and food. 
In order to raise awareness about this topic, the first set of study circles and practical tips have been developed on the use of plastics They are made available by the PtP team and are attached below. This topic has very practical life application that can be practiced by all members of our Sai Centers.  
It is my humble request that we encourage all the Centers in the country to conduct study circles based on the material provided between now and the end of April. These may take 2-3 weeks to complete. 
Together we can make a difference to the impact of global warming. Let us pray to Bhagawan to guide us along this path. 
Please share this email with Center Devotion Coordinators in your region. 

Download: Plastic-Studycircleguide.pdf

Download: PlasticReductionTips.pdf

Download: CentreIdeasGuide-.pdf

Download: Protect-the-planet.pptx