Quotes on Love

Inside these jumbled words are contained priceless quotes highlighting the value of Love. Try to find out the quotes.

Quote #1
[super-scrambler sentence=”Start the Day With Love” puzzle_id =”1937_1″ scramble_positions=1 reference=”My Dear Students, Vol 1, Ch 7, Apr 10, 2000″ link=”http://media.radiosai.org/sai_inspires/2014/SI_20140321.htm”]

Quote #2
[super-scrambler sentence=”Devotion signifies love, love for the Divine is the only true love” puzzle_id =”1937_2″ scramble_positions=0 reference=”Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 28, Discourse 34″ link=””]

Quote #3
[super-scrambler sentence=”Love gives and forgives, Self gets and forgets” puzzle_id =”1937_3″ scramble_positions=1 reference=”Divine Discourse on Shivarathri Day, February 16, 1977″ link=”http://media.radiosai.org/journals/vol_09/01MAR11/01-ssspeaks.htm”]