Solve These Quotes – 3

Inside these jumbled words are contained priceless quotes that our Beloved Bhagawan has advised us to follow.

Remember, pace yourself and good luck!

Quote #1
[super-scrambler sentence=”Names are many, but God is one.” puzzle_id =”2036_1″ scramble_positions=1 reference=”Conversations With Sai : Satyopanishad, Part 4 – May 2008″ link=””]

Quote #2
[super-scrambler sentence=”Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray” puzzle_id =”2036_2″ reference=”” link=””]

Quote #3
[super-scrambler sentence=”If you take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you.” puzzle_id =”2036_3″ scramble_positions=1 reference=”” link=””]

Puzzle created by a Group II SSE student