Spot the Animals – Word Search Puzzle

Sairam! Throughout the four Yugas, animals have played a major role. In this puzzle, we shall find out exactly what they did.

  • To play the puzzle, click on the starting letter and click on the next immediate letter in any direction including diagonally.
    Once you spell the word correctly, the word will be marked as done.
  • Clicking on a letter twice will cancel the selection.
Find These Hidden Words
10MOUSE,PEACOCK,BULL,COW,MONKEY,KITE,LION,OWL,SWAN,JILL,SAIGEETAThe vehicle of Ganesha, The vehicle of Subramanya, The vahana of Shiva named Nandi is a ___, The animal that Krishna took out to graze, The animals that helped Rama find Sita, The carrier of Lord Vishnu, The vehicle of Goddess Durga, The vahana of Goddess Lakshmi, The animal that Goddess Saraswati rides on, The names of the pet dogs that Swami had were Jack and ____, The special elephant that Swami hadY
Puzzle created by a Group II SSE student