Spot the Characters – Mahabharatha

Sairam! The Mahabharatha is the story of Krishna and the righteous Pandavas. In this puzzle, we shall learn about the important Characters in the Mahabharatha.
  • To play the puzzle, click on the starting letter and click on the next immediate letter in any direction including diagonally.
    Once you spell the word correctly, the word will be marked as done.
  • Clicking on a letter twice will cancel the selection.
Find These Hidden Words
13FIVE,ONEHUNDRED,KRISHNA,SHAKUNI,DRAUPADI,GANDHARI,MACE,BOWANDARROWThe number of Pandava brothers, The number of Kaurava brothers, The Lord that helped the Pandava Brothers, Duryodhana's evil uncle, The wife of the Pandavas, The name of the Kauravas' mother, Name the primary weapon that both Bhima and Duryodhana used, Name the primary weapon that both Arjuna and Karna used Y
Puzzle created by a Group II SSE student