Spot The Characters – Ramayana Word Search Puzzle

Puzzle #1

  • To play the puzzle, click on the starting letter and click on the next immediate letter in any direction including diagonally.
    Once you spell the word correctly, the word will be marked as done.
  • Clicking on a letter twice will cancel the selection.
Find These Hidden Words
12RAMA,SITA,LAKSHMANA,DASARATHA,KAUSALYA,BHARATA,SHATRUGNA,HANUMAN,GUHA,VASISHTAThe King of Ayodhya,Daughter of Mother Earth,Ideal Brother,,Mother of the Avatar,,,Exemplar of Dasyam,The Boatman,Guru of the Raghu DynastyY


Now Try This…

Find These Hidden Words
12VIBEESHANA,DRONAGIRI,LANKA,AYODHYA,VISHWAMITRA,VALI,SUGRIVAThe good brother of Ravana,,Island to which Hanuman leaped,Birth city of the Avatar,Revealer of the Gayathri Mantra,,Brother of ValiY