SSE Program – HELP and heal the Environment

Sai Ram Everyone,

As discussed during our last week’s center activity, please find the link attached to this mail to register for HELP ( Heal the Environment Love the Planet (HELP) an SSE Initiative).

Although this is a SSE Sadhana we invite all the center members and their family to participate in this effort.You and your family can choose one or many sadhana activities listed in this form or if you have an idea other than the ones in the list , please click on the OTHER and describe us your Sadhana.

Upon us practicing for some time , we will come up with the best possible form of presentation which will be an offering at Swami’s Lotus Feet on his Birthday .

Feel free to reach out to myself or Vasuki if you have any questions.

Note : members can submit responses directly from mobile phone
Link will close on  : 6-Oct