Study Circle Topic – Significance of Easter (Discussion during the Easter Day of 2017)

STUDY CIRCLE  Continued on 30/04/2017 From Easter Day of April 16, 2017 

My Humble Pranams at the Divine Lotus Feet of Our Beloved Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

 For this study circle I would like to speak about the 3 steps of the Jesus life through the Divine speech of  Bhagavan Baba and rapport it with our daily lives.

Swami in a  Divine Speech said

 It is said that when Jesus was born in a manger, three kings were led by a star to Jesus’s place of birth. ln fact, they were not kings but three shepherds. One of them, seeing the infant Jesus, observed, “This child will be a lover of God”. A second one said, “No. God will love him.” The third one said, “Verily He is God Himself” .

The true significance of these three statements is,

To love God is to be His Messenger.

To be loved by God is to be a son of God.

The final state is to be one with God.


As Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” Thus. all persons are messengers of God. This means that they should divinise themselves. When can men call themselves sons of God? Recognize what pure actions are done by God, selflessly for the sake of all. There is no trace of self-interest in Him. Everything He does, says, or thinks is for the good of others. On the other hand, everything men do, speak ,or think is born out of selfishness. Men have become puppets in the hands of selfishness. Men can describe themselves as “sons of God” only when they are completely free from selfishness and become Godly. To call yourself the “son of God”, you have to manifest the qualities of the Father. (12/25/1994)

 Here we see that the three steps of Jesus were

Be the messenger of God

Being the Son of God

Finally be one with God

Jesus is born man and dies like God. It is the way that every man should follow.

Baba said

Everything He does, says, or thinks is for the good of others. On the other hand, everything men do, speak ,or think is born out of selfishness. Men have become puppets in the hands of selfishness.

 What does it mean?

If the harmony between thought, word, and action has no basis for altruistic love

I am out of the truth, I am out of the dharma.

Today, it often happens to note people who have no harmony in word, action thinking. They think of something, they say something else and they do other.

As Baba said, it brings people to be an ego puppet.

We are no longer in control of our mind, but we are slaves of it.

People are always ready to satisfy every wish the mind has:

     – The desire for a glass of coca cola is born, they drink coca cola

  • Then they want to eat chocolate, they eat it
  • Then improvisedly feel the need for a cigarette, they smoke

They need to do it as soon as possible, they can not wait.

The mind is the boss of the body, every time it wants something the body is ready to do it.

Instead, people should put ceiling on desires.

About Jesus Swami said

He sacrificed his happiness, prosperity, comfort, safety and position; he braved the enmity of the powerful. He refused to yield or compromise. He renounced the ‘ego’, which is the toughest thing to get rid of. Honor Him for these. He willingly sacrificed the desires with which the body torments man; this is sacrifice greater than the sacrifice of the body under duress. (12/24/1972)

In another speech Baba  said:

If we want to attain the changeless Divinity, to some extent we have to control the body, which does, and the mind, which thinks. The body is like a water bubble. The mind is a mad monkey. We should not follow the body, which is a water bubble, or the mind, which is a mad monkey. We have to follow the conscience, or the Atma principle. But today’s aspirants are not following their conscience. They are following only the body and mind. Man should have a firm mind. (05/01/1991)

 How do I get a stable mind?


  • Adherence to the truth
  • Sattvic food
  • Good company
  • Meditation
  • Introspection
  • Prayer
  • Devotional singing
  • Seva
  • Study of Sacred Writings
  • Ceiling od desires
  • Good thoughts
  • Sat Sang
  • et cetera…

All these activities point to give peace to the mind and makes it pure.

Practically the mind has to be deconstruct.

Delete all the dirt, make the mind pure, so it can be rewritten with the right teachings.

It is also important, eliminate bad habit and replace them with goods ones.

Through a sincere effort, and the Guru grace the goal can be achieved.

As we make our mind pure, the more our discrimination will be better.

Avoid watching TV, reading magazines, spending time on social as Facebook or Twitter will also help to not pollute the mind.

The mind tends to stick to anything that is attractive in the world, like an octopus with thousands of tentacles that grab everything it can.

It never stop, is a desire after another.

These continuous attachments are the cause of suffering, that lead man increasingly to a decay.

“The mind is a set of desires. If gradually destroy the desires, the mind will be over. If you reduce desires and attachments you will gain the peace of mind.” Baba said.

From a Divine Speech of Swami I found this (12/25/1994)

At first he considered himself as Messenger of God. After the penance he realised he was the Son of God.

He began his ministry with a group of fishermen as his first disciples. He taught them that they should first seek the Kingdom of Heaven. To enter that Kingdom they had to cultivate loving hearts. Then, their hearts would become the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus further declared to them: “I and my Father are one.”

Foster love in your hearts and redeem your lives What is it that men should acquire today? It is the broadening of the heart so that it may be filled with all-embracing love. Only then the sense of spiritual oneness of all mankind can be experienced.

Out of that sense of unity will be born the love of God. This love will generate pure bliss in the heart that is boundless, indescribable and everlasting. For all forms of bliss, love is the source. A heart without love is like a barren land. Foster love in your hearts and redeem your lives. Whatever your scholarship or wealth, they are valueless without love. Without devotion all other accomplishments are of no avail for realising God. Men aspire for liberation. True liberation means freedom from desires.

Today men cannot go to forests for penance or engage themselves in meditation and other spiritual exercises. The easiest spiritual path for all people is to dedicate all their actions to God.

Swami here in a few lines gives us the key to liberation.

He tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Paradise is inside us.

In us is the ability to turn the lock key (mind) in the right direction.

Our destiny is in our hands.

From a thought comes a desire. From a desire an action is born. Repeated actions creates a habit. From a habit comes the character. By the character we will have our destiny.

I would like to end with these words:

There is only one God; He is Omnipresent. There is only one religion, the Religion of Love; there is only one caste, the Caste of Humanity; there is only one language, the Language of the Heart.

Jai Sai Ram