Weekly Sandwich Preparation Signup

Sandwich packs are being prepared on a weekly basis and provided to Rev. White for distribution.

How to Participate?

Option 1: Members can sign up to procure the items necessary for the sandwiches, on a monthly basis:

Sandwich packs are prepared on a weekly basis and provided to Rev. White for distribution in Charlotte uptown. Members can sign up to procure the items necessary for the sandwiches on a monthly basis:

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Option 2: If you are interested in preparing the sandwiches in an ad-hoc basis, you are welcome to do so. The sandwiches can be prepared at home and brought to the center’s weekly Sunday meetings.

Instructions for Preparing the Sandwich Packs:

  1. We can make about 9 Sandwiches from 1 bread loaf.
  2. A Sandwich packet contains 1 chips packet, 1 fruit juice packet, 1 banana and a napkin.
  3. An additional item such as a fruit or a nutrition bar can also be included.
  4. Sandwiches should be spread with smooth creamy Peanut butter (not nutty, crunchy).
  5. Sandwiches must be enclosed in a ziploc bag.
  6. All the items must be packed in a brown paper bag.
  7. If bringing the items to the center, please make sure to bring:
    1. 3 bread loafs, preferably Sara Lee Whole Wheat with at least a week’s expiration date left
    2. 2 bottles of smooth creamy peanut butter
    3. 24 chips packs (can also be a variety pack with different flavors)
    4. 24 fruit juice packs (like Caprisun, Minute Maid or Apple and Eve 6 oz packs)
    5. 24 bananas
    6. 24 nutrition bars or fruits (optional)
    7. 24 napkins
    8. 24 brown paper bags